Center State Sliding Glass Door Maintenance

Is your sliding glass door not moving as easy as you like? Does it feel like it weighs a ton? Don’t live with a hard to open door! Call us and have that sliding glass door working like new again.


We offer door roller replacement, track repair, door alignment, door cut-downs, door alignments, door handles, and secure door locks, sliding screen door repair/replacement, and window balance replacement

We offer FREE estimates.

We offer a 3-year parts and labor warranty on all of our sliding glass door services and a 1-year limited warranty on screens and window repair.


Sliding doors should always move smooth. Over time parts become worn out due to use and Florida weather. The most common problem found on sliding doors are worn out rollers, which collapse causing the door to be stuck or hard to move. Once the rollers go bad they need to be replaced. We offer a higher quality sealed stainless steel bearing roller which provides a smoother and more durable roller for your door to ride on.


Your doors rollers ride on a track which over time develops gouges and pitting due to dirt, weather, and worn out rollers. If your door feels like it is trying to leave the track or jump to another track there is a possibility that there is track damage. If the track is damaged we can install a new rib over the track that will correct the problem and have your door rolling straight and smooth again


Security for the sliding glass door is very important. Burglars target patio doors as they can be easily lifted out of the track from the out side. Double-bolt locks make lifting the sliding door from its track nearly impossible. We recommend installing a double-bolt lock on every sliding door.

Handles are a great feature to dress up any door. It makes operation of the door easier and gives you a solid grip to control it better. We also have many in stock and can special order the one to fit you best.


Over time your door may become misaligned. This could be caused by the home settling, a remodel, wear, repeated use or being hard on the door the door. When the alignment is out your rollers may be hard to move the door or may make the door feel heavy. Also your lock may not be able to function properly because it no longer lines up correctly . When this happens we will come out and realign the door with the frame and lock so your door works as good as it should.